Finally, it seems Rachel McAdams’ mystery role in Scott Derrickson’s ‘Doctor Strange’ has been magically revealed!  And it’s not someone that most assumed.

The most popular and obvious character for McAdams to play was Clea, the sorceress and niece of evil sorcerer Dormammu.  Clea was Doctor Strange’s love interest for decades in the comics.  The second most common guess as to her screen identity was Night Nurse, a.k.a. Linda Carter, a medical professional who helped patch up the Marvel super heroes after particularly rough battles.  Carter was featured in the popular miniseries ‘Doctor Strange: The Oath’ and many figured the movie may either be based on that tale or at least borrow heavily from it.

But it turns out that McAdams is actually playing another ‘Night Nurse’, Christine Palmer.

‘Night Nurse’ was a soap opera comic that Marvel published in the early 1970s and the title actually referred to the three women who starred in it.  The most prominent was Linda Carter, a character that originated in the 1960s comedy comic ‘Linda Carter, Student Nurse’. But Carter shared the title with two other characters, African American Georgia Jenkins and rich girl Christine Palmer and it is Palmer that McAdams is reported to be playing.

In the comics, Palmer came from a wealthy family but was determined to make it on her own, against the wishes of her father.  Palmer, like Carter, also pops up in modern comics, often as a running gag as she spouts her catchphrase “Go down the hall.  It’s the room on the right.”

But considering that Carter is a more prominent character, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume that McAdams’ part will be an amalgam of both.  It’s entirely possible that Carter was nixed in order to avoid confusion with actress Lynda Carter, famous for playing rival DC Comics’ most famous female hero ‘Wonder Woman’ in the classic 70s TV series.

Palmer is a surgical assistant, so it makes sense to pair her with Stephen Strange, a talented but arrogant surgeon who loses the use of his hands, thus kicking off his journey which ultimately leads to him becoming Earth’s magical defender Doctor Strange.

McAdams joins a cast that already includes Benedict Cumberbatch as the title hero, Tilda Swinton as mystical mentor The Ancient One, Chiwetel Ejiofor as rival Baron Karl Mordo and reportedly Mads Mikkelsen in an undisclosed role, but who most are speculating will be Big Bad Dormammu.

On the Netflix shows, beginning with ‘Daredevil’ Rosario Dawson plays another nurse character, Claire Temple, who originated in the ‘Luke Cage’ comic book.  It was earlier reported that her  role was that of ‘Night Nurse’ and many websites still list her as such, but Temple was not part of the ‘Night Nurse’ comic and is a separate character.

‘Doctor Strange’ is set to materialize in theaters on November 4th, 2016.

Are you intrigued to see what role Christine Palmer plays in the story?

Source: Comic Book Movie