Over the course of this year’s New York Comic Con, Marvel Comics announced a number of crossovers coming next year including ‘Spider-Women’ and ‘Avengers: Standoff’. However, they certainly saved the best (or at least the weirdest/most unique) for the very end of the con.

During the Women of Marvel panel (which was absolutely stacked this year with the likes of ‘A-Force’ writer Marguerite Bennett, content development director/Kamala Khan creator Sana Amanat, ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ costume designer Ann Foley, and more), Judy Stephens and ‘Unbeatable Squirrel Girl’ artist Erica Henderson announced that the fan favorite hero would be teaming up with Howard the Duck for a two-issue crossover. The happy-go-lucky Doreen Green and the cranky gumshoe Howard will cross paths in their respective sixth issues after their All-New All-Different Marvel relaunches.

No further details were revealed at the panel, but writers Chip Zdarsky and Ryan North shared in an interview with Comic Book Resources that the two heroes, plus their friends Nancy Whitehead and shapeshifter Tara, come together because of a missing cat and their story will involve cosplay, which is echoed in the awesome cover by Erica Henderson that shows the heroes cosplaying as each other as they run past their creators Joe Quinones, Zdarsky, Henderson, and North.

This actually isn’t the first connection these two titles have with each other. Aside from playful teasing between the two teams in and out of the pages of their books, Zdarsky and Henderson work together on the new, modern Archie spinoff ‘Jughead’. If you’re more interested in that particular book, be sure to stay tuned to the site to see our interviews with both of them from NYCC.

Going back to ‘Howard the Duck/Squirrel Girl’, how awesome is this crossover? This is probably the most delightful announcement from the House of Ideas from the entire con. Just thinking about it makes me happy. But what do you think about the upcoming team up? Will you be adding it to your pull list? Let us know in the comments.