It’s not even Halloween yet, but already it’s time to start planning for the holidays.

If you’re a Harry Potter fan and you happen to be in London during the holiday season, you don’t want to miss the WB Studio Tour.

This year, the Harry Potter sets will be decked out for the holiday season. Plus, you can enjoy a sumptuous Christmas feast in the Great Hall beforehand.

The Christmas dinner will, of course, include canapés and Butterbear and a bunch of other delectable treats. After the meal, guests will take the studio tour and see the festively adorned Gryffindor common room and the Weasley’s kitchen at the Burrow. At Platform 9 ¾, guests can indulge on some holiday desserts.

More Butterbear will be available at Diagon Alley before visitors make their way to a view of the Hogwarts Castle

The evening will end with, yes, even more drinks and a dance party. As you can probably imagine, this event is for fans that are 18 and older.

The whole evening costs $349 and takes place on December 3rd.

Source: Collider