If you thought DC would ignore Marvel’s ‘A-Force‘ and not increase the amount of titles with female leads, you would be wrong as they’ve just announced some major changes to ‘Justice League 3001’ which will begin next year. Co-creator Keith Giffen recently sat down and talked about what he, J.M. DeMatteis, and artist Howard Porter had in store for the series. While the shift is happening in just a few months, the creative team is claiming that the team just evolved that way. Not only that, but we will see it change into an all female team in ‘Justice League 3001’ #8.

I’m sure it has nothing to do with the two studios seeming to follow in each other’s footsteps such as Thanos following Darkseid or Aquaman coming after Namor the Sub-Mariner. There is a long history of the studios apparently mimicking the other’s characters and plot lines so this, I’m sure, is just coincidence. Just like it is a coincidence that ‘Spider Man 2099′ is using the idea of super heroes from the past and making future versions of them being so similar to giant corporation doing the same by using DNA of Earth’s older superheroes to clone them as was seen in this book’s predecessor, ”Justice League 3000’.

When talking about the upcoming League Giffen says that:

It’s not because I decided I wanted to write all females. It’s not there to say, ‘Oh look, we’ve got an all-female team!’ Who cares? It’s just the way it shook out. There are some big things coming up in the next couple issues. Between now and #8, we’re going to do some real damage. We’re going to shake the book up a bit. Some of the characters just seemed more interesting or more appropriate for the kind of stories we’re trying to tell. It’s not going to be all new characters. There will be characters you know, and there will be characters that were in the book before, heroes that you were aware of, heroes that were actually in the League. But it won’t be the same Justice League 3001. We’re going to definitely move it up to the next level.

Snark aside the team lineup sounds good. Supergirl will continue to be on the team for quite some time to come as the only non-clone and we’ll also see the return of Ariel as well as new heroes such as a female Flash. No official word if Wonder Woman or the female Guy Gardner are to be included as of yet.

Are you excited for the changes in ‘Justice League 3001’? What female leads would you like to see join this cast? Share your thoughts below!

‘Justice League 3001’ #8 is set to be released in January of 2016.

Source: Blastr.