Max Landis has some ideas for ‘Man of Steel 2,’ and though some of it might sound like insanity, you have to appreciate his enthusiasm for the material.

In the mind of Landis, the sequel would have a lot of elements similar to what we have seen in the trailer for ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice,’ including multiple heroes, Lex Luther as the villain, and the world and Clark dealing with the aftermath of Superman’s fight with Zod in Metropolis. The differences end there however, as Landis’ story has the world hating Superman for what happened, with the hero having a huge PR problem, as well as suffering from PTSD due to the fight and the killing of Zod. Just as he is about to return to Smallville and leave Metropolis forever, Clark is given one last assignment from the Daily Planet, interviewing Lex Luther, who requested the reporter personally. They meet up and Lex Luther, who Landis wants played by Tom Hanks, seems like a nice guy who wants to help Clark, and reveals his knows Clark is Superman. He gives him an offer wherein he helps coordinate Superman’s efforts to help the people of Earth and get him back in the world’s good graces, using all the resources of his company to do so. Only caveat is that Superman has to do some favors for him. All goes well, the world realizes Superman is a hero, and then Batman shows up at Clark’s home and warns the man about Luthor’s dark intentions. Following that, Luthor asks Superman to round up the world’s “dangerous” metahumans and vigilantes, including Green Arrow, The Flash, Wonder Woman, and the Martian Manhunter. Superman reluctantly agrees, and rounds up the “threats,” only to discover Lex wants to use this new team to take over the world. Superman is then sent to take down Batman, but they instead join forces to free the Justice League members from Lex, and take down Lex and his army of robots threatening the city. With the new team, Clark is able to prevent any damage to civilians and property during the battle, and take down Lex while maintaining sanity in Metropolis.

What are your thoughts on Landis’ pitch? Is it too out there, and just a fan boy fan fic? Or would it have been something worth while? Watch the full video below and then let us know your opinion in the comments section!

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