‘Supernatural’ has always dealt with some dark forces, but it seems the darkest is yet to come with the arrival of The Darkness, a force of evil that is said to predate biblical times, making him older than any of the heroes or antiheroes have faced, even Castiel and Crowley.  Not that it seems they will be of much help anyway, as Cas is in worse shape than ever before in the new trailer.

Sam and Dean have had to deal with a huge deal of loss and suffering, but it seems for the first time, the heroes, notably Sam, may turn to a higher power.  The new video shows Sam taking solace in a chapel and staring intently at a cross.  For a show that deal with the struggle between good and evil, angels and demons, ‘Supernatural’ has (not surprisingly) shied away from blatantly invoking God and Satan.  (Although it’s been teased that Chuck may in fact be the Big Guy.)  Could that change in Season 11?

You can check out the new trailer below:

The only one that seems to be doing well in the new season is Crowley.

Speaking about the new direction for the program, executive producer Jeremy Carver stated:

“We’re really proud of last season. We had a lot of intensely personal character stories.  This year, we have more of an epic feel with a big bad, and a quest for the brothers to unite on. I think it’s a special big bad we have this year. It’s a pre-biblical story that’s never been told. I think it’s going to be a fun, epic feel. And most importantly, I think the brothers are going to be united in their need to take this thing down.”

That’s right.  While the Winchesters are a team, they often find themselves pitted against one another, sometimes due to possession/manipulation, but often over ideological differences.  But this season, they will be working together for a change.

Jared Padelecki, who plays Sam, stated,”It’s been a while since we’ve seen Sam and Dean in a good place.  And this year they’re going to be facing The Darkness together head-on, and I think the fans are really going to love that.”

Jensen Ackles, Dean, agreed, saying “It’s fun for us to get to play the lighter side of their brotherly relationship after playing it so dark for a while.”

What do you think?  Can the brothers working together be enough to drive away The Darkness?  Or will they need some divine intervention?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter