Since we suspect a crossover is bound to happen, it should come as no surprise that the first hint of one happens during an upcoming ‘The Walking Dead‘ episode which will take place during the time period of ‘Fear the Walking Dead.’ If that wasn’t interesting enough,let’s just say it also takes place on an airplane which I believe will give us a horrible place to be when the outbreak occurs. I suspect this will be a plane on the way to LAX so we may see the airport as well. It’ll be interesting if whoever we are introduced to is the only survivor and how the plane ends up landing.

This special will only run half an hour in length but will follow a group of passengers who have to deal with a Walker attack on their plane. One of the survivors will end up as a cast member on ‘Fear the Walking Dead.’ Wait, if it is an upcoming ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ character, how is there a connection to the original show? Well, this half an hour special will actually be broken up and aired during commercial breaks of an episode of ‘The Walking Dead.’ We won’t be having any direct crossovers quite yet though it’s a great way to make use of the time slots to compliment one another. While no set breakdown is in place yet, I would guess that we’ll be getting 6 5-minute mini-episodes to tell the story. There is no word as to if this is a character we’ll already see during ‘Fear the Walking Dead’s first season or one that will be introduced in the second.

Zombies have been seen on planes before in ‘World War Z,’ ‘Flight of the Living Dead’, and ‘Quarantine 2: Terminal’ can be stretched to fit in there as well. It isn’t a scene that is used too often so should be fresh enough to be highly entertaining for the show.

Are you looking forward to AMC’s version of showing us Walkers in a plane? Do you think the survivor will be one we’ve already met in ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ or one that will show up in the second season? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly