How would you announce the coming of your movie trailer if you were Deadpool? With a trailer, of course! But unlike other trailers for a trailer, we are not getting 6 seconds of tease of what’s to come. Instead, we have Deadpool giving what fans love best – being himself.

The trailer begins as a great parody of movie trailers and a nice bit of tribute to the man who voiced movie trailers Hal Douglas who passed away last year (the first words “in a world…” says it all!). Since this is Deadpool, the trailer is NSFW not only for language but you may have to cover your robust laughter while watching it as the build up to the unveiling of Ryan Reynolds is absolutely hysterical. After all, how couldn’t it be with the voice over stating the film is “from the studio that inexplicably sewed his f—–g mouth shut the first time.”

Watch and learn studio marketing departments. This is how you make a teaser for a trailer!

And don’t forget! The actual full length trailer will be released tomorrow (August 4) so make sure you come back here to see it!

‘Deadpool’ is scheduled for to be release on February 12, 2016.