Some trailers are more inventive than others and it’s always neat to see the first offerings of a new genre before the inevitable poorly-made copycats start flooding in or the well-made copycats make you forget about their predecessors. Legendary Pictures is getting in at the ground floor when it comes to utilizing Google’s new 360 degree video technology and it has released a couple of trailers for upcoming movies in the 360 degree experience. One of these is for the upcoming ‘Warcraft’ movie, based on the immensely popular ‘Warcraft’ franchise from Blizzard Entertainment. The video is right below, but be warned, to the best of my knowledge, 360 videos only work in the Google Chrome web browser or in the YouTube app on mobile devices. On a PC, you can click and drag to move the video around and see it from different angles. On a mobile device you should be able to just move it around. If you don’t use one of those methods, the video will just look kind of weird.

Well, that was certainly interesting. It was also visually impressive, though it remains to be seen if the actual movie will look that good. It didn’t really tell us anything about the movie itself, but it did include some Gryphons and a flyover of what I think might be the city of Stormwind. As for what will happen in the movie, it’s likely to follow the events of the very first Warcraft game, in which the warlike orcs from the world of Draenor find a portal that allows them to travel to the world of Azeroth, which they promtly invade, having run out of lands to conquer back home.

What do you think? Are 360 videos just a gimmick? Will the ‘Warcraft’ movie be any good? Let us know in the comments below.

‘Warcraft’ is currently set for release in June of 2016.