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If you’ve been keeping up with your David Bowie news, you know that his famous science fiction film (well, famous for being full of naked Bowie) is becoming and off-Broadway production of  ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth.’ The newest news to hit is that Micheal C Hall (‘Dexter’) will be starring in it. Though he is best known for his roles in television, such as ‘Six Feet Under’ and ‘Dexter‘, Hall has been on a stage as well, playing a wide variety of roles from productions like ‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch’ and ‘Chicago.’

Micheal C Hall is interesting choice for the constantly strung out, and skeletal character (heroine does that to you, I hear), but he has shown us his inhuman side on ‘Dexter’ which promises he will be a new take on what it means to be alien.

Co-written by David Bowie, and Enda Walsh (‘Once’), the production will be titled ‘Lazarus’, and Michael C Hall is slated to play the main character, Thomas Newton, an alien sent to Earth to find a way to help his own drought stricken planet. The change in title is unclear, and may be named such ironically as both in the book in the movie, Jerome is unable to go back and save his planet, and is trapped on Earth with his addictions.

 Not a great deal is known about the play, and we are still in the dark on whether or not this will be a full musical,  or a play that is peppered with songs. However, we know that Bowie has written several new arrangements for the production.

Preview performances will begin November 18th, 2015 at New York Theatre Workshop, and will officially open December 7th, 2015.