After thirteen years, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are returning to the airwaves to make people believe once again when ‘The X-Files’ returns to Fox for a six-episode mini-series next year. About two weeks ago, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson reported to set to begin shooting. The first photo of the stars reprising their iconic roles didn’t reveal much (or anything at all really) about the plot of season ten, but now it appears that we have some idea thanks to a leaked call sheet.

WARNING: Due to the nature of this information, this could be considered a pretty big SPOILER for episode one of the upcoming season of ‘The X-Files.’ Proceed with caution.

According to Cinemablend, the first episode of the mini-series that debuts in January will find the FBI special agents getting back to business as usual right away as they encounter extraterrestrials in the season premiere. The call sheet says that we’ll see “a plot involving the inoculation of abductees with alien blood, and a scene with dead aliens full of bullet holes”. ‘Wayward Pines’ and ‘Gracepoint’ actor Giacomo Baessato will be involved as a “clean shaven doctor” shown in a flashback doing the inoculating and Annet Mahendru of ‘The Americans’ will be one of the victims when we see her “on a table screaming as a fetus is lifted”. No word on what species the fetus will be, but my money is on some kind of alien.

With only six episodes in the order, it isn’t that surprising that we get to the thick of it right away. And if this is their way of jumping right in, it’s sure to get the attention of old and new fans pretty quickly. But until the episode premieres, feel free to check out the call sheet at X-Files News for other random details.

What do you think about the plot for the new season of ‘The X-Files’? Are you excited to finally see Mulder and Scully get back into the game after all these years? Let us know in the comments.