The latest trailer has dropped for MTV’s new ‘Scream‘ and with it come new details of what we can expect when the series airs! I think the most interesting point that is brought up is actually how similar some of the plot is to the recently announced ‘Friday the 13th‘ television series. This trailer does show that much like the original film, we’ll see the series start off with a teen girl being murdered in what looks to be a crime of passion. Honestly, it feels like very much a homage to the first death in the film.

How exactly is it going to compare to the new ‘Friday the 13th’ series? Well the key take away comes from the following quote by Jill Blotevogel who is the co-showrunner:

“Our mask was a post-op surgical mask worn by a deformed teen who went on a murderous rampage two decades earlier. We tried to create a look that shared some basic DNA with the original Ghostface mask but meshed with our long-running mystery story that will power the series … Our killer likes to play games and wear masks in many ways — especially using technology — and is a chameleon of sorts.”

For those who have been following, just as the plans of the most likely CW bound ‘Friday the 13th’ won’t feature Jason, ‘Scream’ won’t be featuring Ghostface and both shows will be dealing with towns who are dealing with prior killers. While not in exactly the same way, there are a lot of similar ideas being listed here between the two.

So how will this series differ from the films?

“The TV series is inspired by the meta-tone, humor and absolute love of horror showcased in the original movie series. It does not involve any of the same characters or situations. There is a masked killer, but not just a slashing killer with a simple bloodletting ambition. This killer is very much a part of the mythology and bigger mystery of the show.”

You can check out the new trailer below:

Are you looking forward to MTV’s take on ‘Scream?’ What do you think of the latest trailer? Share your thoughts below!

‘Scream’ is set to premiere on MTV on Tuesday June 30th at 10pm

Source: The Hollywood Reporter