‘Suicide Squad’ co-star Scott Eastwood (who’s role in the film is unknown, though he was previously rumored to be playing Steve Trevor, potential love interest for Wonder Woman), has recently spoken to the press about his hesitation to approach Jared Leto on the set. For once, this is not a story of one actor’s ego or “diva-ness” discouraging others from speaking to him, but rather a respect Eastwood has for Leto and what he is doing with the Joker character. It seems Leto has delved deeply into the character, maintaining the persona even when the cameras are not rolling. Eastwood knows Leto and has spoken to him before, but on the set of ‘Suicide Squad’ he did not want to approach his acquaintance for fear of disrupting his method, taking Leto out of the Joker character. Eastwood worried any casual conversation with Leto might cause the actor to break character, which might then affect Leto’s preparedness for his scenes during that day.

It is a testament to the work being done by Leto on and off-set, which is understandable considering his circumstances. The man has to play arguably the greatest comic-book villain of all time, a character who could make or break not only ‘Suicide Squad‘ but also other DC movies down the line including the solo ‘Batman’ film coming out in the future. Throw into that the last actor who played the role did such an incredible job (despite fan and critical worries that he was not up to the task), with Heath Ledger even getting a posthumous Oscar nomination and win for his work as the Joker in Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight’ in 2009. That’s a lot for an actor to live up to, and it makes sense why Eastwood does not want to distract Leto in any way from his work.

What are your thoughts on Leto being “method” for his Joker role? Is he taking it too far for a comic-book movie? Or is he approaching the role with the right attitude? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Cinemablend