‘Person of Interest’ has been renewed for a 5th season but reports are saying for only 13 episodes (essentially half a season). For fans of the series, this is a great disappointment and they are not taking it lying down. During the summer hiatus as well as throughout the 5th season, fans will be taking to Twitter and Facebook in an effort to show CBS  just how great ‘Person of Interest’ is and that it’s worth a full season of episodes.

Beginning Wednesday, May 13th, 2015 from 7-8 pm Eastern (4-5 pm Pacific) fans of ‘Person of Interest’ will take to Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #PersonOfInterest and #13isnotenough in an effort to show CBS that the series has a large and dedicated fan base that wants more than just 13 episodes. It’s also being encouraged that fans share their favorite photo, lines and memories explaining why the series is deserving of a full season. To ensure the network sees the tweets and posts, fans are also encouraging those who participate to tag CBS on Facebook and Twitter (@CBS) and to retweet others who are joining in on the campaign.

In addition to using social media to save the series, fans can make their voices heard by signing the petition that was started once news of the shortened series became known.

Unfortunately, the 13 episode schedule next year means the 5th season will most likely be the last on CBS. Those organizing this crusade hope that the social media numbers are enough to convince the network to green light a full 22 episodes and even give it another season. If not, they are hoping to see if another network or steaming service like Netflix will pick up ‘Person of Interest.’

While thankful that the series was picked up for a 5th season, many are disappointed that what seems like licensing disputes have put this series at risk. (CBS doesn’t own the series so it doesn’t make as much as their other shows.) Organizers hope that this campaign will show the network that this series is worth the money they pay to show it and that the fans are relevant and deserve ‘Person of Interest’ to stay on the air.

To keep up to date on the campaigns throughout the hiatus and Season 5, follow the ‘Person of Interest’ Fan Campaign page for all the latest info.

Show CBS you care about ‘Person of Interest’ and that it’s not all about the numbers!