Night Nurse fans rejoice! Marvel has announced that Rosario Dawson will be returning  in ‘Daredevil‘ Season 2, and that Claire will be appearing in other Netflix Marvel shows as well. While Dawson’s Claire was not featured in many episodes of ‘Daredevil’ season 1, her character was an important one, serving to patch up Matt Murdock after his dangerous escapades, and also be a love interest to the hero, albeit one who decided they would be better off as friends, promising to help him should he get injured again.

With her role as the medic for superheroes, she’s the perfect candidate to be the interlinking character of the Marvel Netflix shows, giving a legitimate reason to pop up in the various series, aside from her comic book romance with Luke Cage, which may or not not have been alluding to during an early episode of ‘Daredevil.’ Her character in the show was shown to be an amalgamation of both the character Claire and the superheroine Night Nurse, though I doubt that we’ll actually see her out there fighting crime in the traditional superhero sense. But with the lower powered heroes that will appear in the Netflix shows (though admittedly Daredevil is the hero with the least “power” in the traditional sense), and the fact that the shows (if ‘Daredevil’ is any indication) will be much grittier and more realistic, there stands to reason that there will be plenty of opportunities for Claire to show up to patch up the heroes after their adventures. Previously Marvel used the idea of characters tying the stories together with both Nick Fury and Agent Phil Coulson in Phase 1 of the MCU, and it makes sense to have a character like Claire doing the same in the Netflix shows, especially since SHIELD is not there to help the heroes or send in agents (especially as it is doubtful that there will be any crossover between the Netflix shows and ABC’s ‘Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD’)

What do you think of Rosario Dawson showing up in all the Netflix shows? Will the constant reminder of the shared universe detract from the stories the series’ are trying to tell? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Screenrant, CinemaBlend