Though the release of the ‘Harry Potter’ books and movies was spread out over several years, time flows differently within the pages of the seven novels, which only advanced one year at the most between installments.  Therefore, even though ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ (the book) was released in 2007, it was actually set in 1998, almost a decade beforehand.

And on May 2nd, ‘Potter’ scribe J.K. Rowling tweeted a regret regarding the final novel, on the fictional 17th anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts.  Of all the gut-wrenching deaths in the series, there seems to be one in particular that the novelist would most like to undo.

But were passionate Potter-files accepting of Rowling’s mea culpa?  Well, not all of them.

And the list goes on and on of fans who are still heartbroken over the loss of one of the two eldest Weasleys:

  “damn right you should! That hurt me more than my nonexistent boyfriend dumping me,” tweeted one user named @devotioniall.

You can actually feel the bitterness in this tweet.

A still mourning @fireboltleviosa chastised the writer, saying

Not to put it too, errr, bluntly,

I guess some wounds never heal, but Rowling should probably take comfort in the knowledge that she crafted characters that people love so passionately that their deaths still pain readers many years later.

Do you accept Rowling’s apology?  Or did she just tear open an old wound?  Do you think Rowling owes more apologies?  Sound off below!

Source: MTV