Love it or hate it, ‘Star Trek Into Darkness‘ was the source of an emotional tug-o-war between fans who loved the grittiness and action of the new ‘Star Trek’ movies and those who felt it was a betrayal to the series’ ideals.

While the latter is far too strong of category to put Simon Pegg in, it seems as if he leaning that way. In an interview with Den of Geek, he stated that “I really, really am very proud of ‘Into Darkness’ — but I feel like the thing that for me was kind of jolting was that it kind of wanted to embrace itself a little too much, rather than take off and do what ‘Star Trek’ did, which is to go off into the depths of the galaxy. ”

In that vein, he states that the newest movie will be focused more on “the spirit of adventure and exploration and also, in modern terms, just how would that be for people, to be away for that amount of time and that kind of stuff. We’re trying to evolve the story at the same time as not letting it go.”

For those fans pining more for the exploration aspect of ‘Star Trek’ to come into the reboots, they will be interested to know that the writers of ‘Star Trek 3’ have not been allowed to see Roberto Orci‘s (a head writer on the first and second ‘Star Trek’s) original script.

He closes his thoughts on writing the scripts with a meditation on where the new series will go on an emotional level. “These days,” Pegg says, “people kind of think, ‘Oh, things have got to be serious.’ You’ve got to see a lot of soul searching and what if you saw this character being all dark? ‘Star Trek’ was very, very optimistic — it was all about forward motion and the human condition. I feel like that’s what it needs to be.”

It looks like Pegg has a new and fresh take on the reboot in mind, and will be there to cover the news stories on the film as they happen. Stay tuned.