At PAX East Cliff Bleszinski, designer of ‘Gears of War’, showed off a trailer for his team BossKey Productions’s newest PC game under the codename ‘Project Bluestreak’. The game will be a free-to-play FPS (first person shooter), and is being built on Epic Game’s Unreal Engine 4.

Below, you can find a video previewing one of the locations that will appear in ‘Bluestreak’, a sci-fi Asian-inspired setting that meshes together a zen garden complete with cherry blossoms, a jade dragon, and clear flowing water, with rooms devoted to flickering computers and futuristic guns. It’s pre-alpha footage so keep in mind the end result of ‘Project Bluestreak’ may end up with a different look.

Although the trailer doesn’t show any gameplay, taking what gameplay is good from other FPSs and improving upon them seems to be one of the main ideas behind ‘Bluestreak’.

In an interview with PC Gamer, Bleszinski said that one of the gameplay mechanics that BossKey is focusing on is movement. “When you’re playing an FPS you’re not just using a mouse – 50% of it is the keyboard that you’re using to dodge, to jump, to leap, to float through the world,” Bleszinski said. “I don’t ever want to interrupt the player’s gun. I want you to always be able to shoot . . . get the right FOV [field of view], get the right acceleration – honestly the game we’re building is extremely vertical, extremely fast paced, and I think we’re actually going to have a hard time if we ever port it to consoles.”

In that same interview Bleszinski stated that he will be focusing on building a loyal community around ‘Bluestreak’. He takes inspiration from the huge following around ‘League of Legends’, and even admits he’s a little envious of them. “The key is to it from day one . . .” Bleszinski said. “We live in a world where there are eight million things to entertain you. You need to maintain your community, keep them happy, and reward them, especially reward the earliest of the earliest adopters. The people who sign up for our email list, they’re gonna get something special when the game actually launches.”

As of now there is no release date for ‘Bluestreak’. Bleszinski is hoping to release more information on the gameplay, branding, and ‘Project Bluestreak’s’ actual name by midsummer.