Something stinks over at WB/DC, and I’m guessing it’s the miscast barbarian purporting to be Aquaman. And no, its not the ocean-life he’s surrounded himself with, it is the attitude of the man himself, who seems to be missing the point in playing a super-hero in the first place. Sure, all too often these films are geared toward the young adult male audience, ages 14 – 29, but let’s not forget, comic books are avidly read by children, who get very excited to see their favorite heroes and stories blown up onto the big screen. Why do I bring this up? Because Jason Mamoa (who up to this point I had enjoyed on screen as both Khal Drogo and ‘Conan the Barbarian” despite the latter’s big screen failure) decided to write on a young kid’s ‘Aquaman’ poster “F*CK MARVEL.” (see picture below)

Granted, the kid apparently asked him to write down a reason why “DC Haters” out there should join the DC Universe, but come on. You’re playing a character that kids around the world know (even if he is a bit of a joke). You’re going to be up on screen for billions of people to see around the world, and you want to be known as the neanderthal who can’t come up with a coherent statement when a kid asks you a legitimate question, responding with profanity? Sure, actors on both sides have jibed at each other with taunts of “DC Sucks” or “Marvel Sucks,” but the words coming from Christian Bale or Robert Downey Jr. always had a touch of snark. The pair were fueling the passionate fan-base and not trying to attack the other.

This is different. This was a kid’s poster. This was something written down, and I frankly don’t feel Mamoa has any room to talk, as his brief stint as Khal Drogo not-withstanding, he has yet to star in a successful film on his own, and really hasn’t earned the right to get away with such an inflammatory statement. In all honesty, had Christian Bale said the same during his stint as Batman, I probably would not have taken it too seriously. Bale’s work in the genre earned him some slack. If Mamoa wants any chance of winning a dedicated fan base, he better realize that most fans of these films enjoy both Marvel and DC, it is not a “pick one or the other” situation, and he would be lucky to court all audiences to his film (whose preposterous hero I’m already doubtful can carry a film).

What are your thoughts about Mamoa’s statement? Feel free to sound off below.

Source: Comic Book Movie