We’ve known for some time that Josh Trank’s ‘Fantastic Four’ would be straying from the source material thanks to some early rumblings about the upcoming reboot. This notion was pretty much confirmed when the first teaser trailer dropped and showed a much darker and grounded tone for Marvel’s First Family. But just how far from the 50+ years history of the team consisting of Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Human Torch, and the Thing will the movie be? Apparently far enough that the cast didn’t need to read any ‘Fantastic Four’ comics to prepare for their roles.

Recently, MTV spoke to ‘Whiplash’ and ‘The Spectacular Now’ star Miles Teller at South By Southwest while he was promoting ‘The Divergent Series: Insurgent.’ During their conversation, the actor touched on a few details regarding 20th Century Fox’s latest take on the Fantastic Four. After sharing that he hadn’t seen the final cut yet and that he hopes for some humor to make it in, Teller reveals that he was told not to delve too deeply into Marvel Comics lore in preparation for his role as Reed Richards, despite his own independent research efforts:

“We were actually kind of told to not necessarily ingest everything because we were looking to kind of put our stamp on it. Obviously, we were looking to pay respect to the history of the characters, but at the same time, kind of bring them up to date, and to humanize them in a way that hadn’t been done in a while.”

In the same interview, Teller also touches on the possibilities of the Fantastic Four and the X-Men crossing over. You can check out all his comments in the video below:

How disappointed are you that the cast was discouraged from researching the comics for ‘Fantastic Four’? Are you really that surprised after seeing the various footage and pictures from the film already? Share your thoughts in the comments.

‘Fantastic Four’ starring Michael B. Jordan, Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Jamie Bell, and Toby Kebbell opens on August 7, 2014.