It’s a crisis of faith as Father Gabriel makes himself at home in a make-shift church. Apparently there is no Bible verse that can turn his frown upside down. In fact, I don’t really think he is into the whole reading thing. He tears out page after page of a helpless Bible while looking painfully skyward. Yup, it’s going to be one of those episodes. As always the following episode recap may contain spoilers and bad taste, reader discretion is advised.

Act 1:

It’s morning and everyone is getting ready to go to work. Daryl, on his sweet new ride, and Aaron head out to find some new blood as Noah has a sit down with Old Man Monroe. Noah is in this for the long haul and wants to be useful. He’ll start with learning how to build up and maintain Alexandria. Reg thinks that’s a capitol idea and gives him his journal so he can take notes. It’s a nice little moment that makes me fear for Noah’s life. Hasn’t he learned? The minute you start planning for the future in an apocalypse is the minute you are the guest of honor at a zombie BBQ!

A shirtless Abraham can barely look himself in the mirror, which is odd since Rosita is still asleep in his bed. By rights he should be grinning and high-fiving his reflection. But I digress.

Noah, Eugene, Glenn, Tara, Aiden, and his douchey assistant are on their way to a warehouse to grab some electronics to replace the ones that are giving the power grid some problems. Glenn and Maggie have a nice goodbye moment while Aiden and his parents have an extended one. Of course we all know that probably means Aiden is going to die… horribly. The troupe drives away in a pedo-van while Father Gabriel looks ominously on.

While out on patrol Rick just happens by the hot neighbor’s house and finds her in the garage. She is cleaning up what’s left of her owl sculpture. Some hooligans (not an unhinged Rick manufacturing reasons to see her) have smashed it to pieces. Rick gets his flirt on and they talk about consequences to actions. You hear that Rick? Don’t blow this! He even gives her the old ‘windows’ speech. You know the one. Keep the windows intact and you keep society intact. Smooth.

At the warehouse the team breaks into groups to get the lay of the land. Tara and Eugene discuss his cowardice and we marvel at how Eugene can have such a low opinion of himself while having such an outrageously inflated opinion of himself.

Noah and Glenn are bonding and joking as they scout around the perimeter, noting the mini-horde of Walkers outside the front gate. That will not be an exit should things turn sideways. Inside is no less creepy. It is dark and spooky. Walkers can be heard moaning and slavering in the distance. The group eventually comes across a half dozen or so penned up behind a chain link gate. No worries there. Eugene gets to work and quickly finds the micro inverters they were looking for. Success! Or not…

Aiden is confronted by a Walker in full combat armor. He shots it several times to no avail. Glenn, on the other side of a rack, lays out some wisdom but Aiden is a trigger-happy D-Bag who starts emptying his clip. Glenn notices a grenade on the Walker and yells to Aiden to cease fire. Which of course he doesn’t do. Ka-BOOM!

Act 2:

It’s a smokey aftermath and everyone sure did get their bells rung, especially Aiden who is skewered and dead. Everyone else seems to be ok, well except Tara who is on the ground in a pool of her own blood about to die from a massive head wound. Shelving and racks still separate the group and Eugene almost buys Hershel’s farm but is saved by Glenn and Noah. Oh, and it looks like Aiden was only mostly dead. He’s moaning, and not that undead kind of moaning. So with Eugene watching over Tara, Glenn, Noah, and D-Bag #2 rush some Walkers in a rescue attempt.

Carol is still one scary SOB as she finds that kid skulking around in her pantry. This kid, by the way, is the dumbest survivor I think we have encountered to date. You don’t go back to the lady who threatened you so spectacularly, Dr. Grant would have been winced. Ever! But he wants some cookies. So not only does Carol teach this soon to be a memory kid about the art of stealing she even threatens him again for good measure as she swats him out the door. Is it wrong that I’ve never found Scarol hotter?

At the construction site Abraham and his construction crew are picking up materials. Honest Abe doesn’t seem to be doing so well; unless he was trying for an anxiety attack. If that’s the case he’s nailing it! But no worries, a group of Walkers emerge from the tree line and send the workers into a panic. They are only one step up from Eugene level firearms skills and are quickly doing more harm than good, putting one of their own in harm’s way. Ford to the rescue. He grabs the damsel in distress and tosses her in the cab of an earth mover. He’s surrounded by Walkers and his chances of survival are slim, just the way he likes it. No more anxiety, just him and the call of battle. “Mother Dick” is this guy happy!

Act 3:

Ford is going all Rambo on the Walkers. It is breathtaking. Truly, this is why Sergeant Abraham Ford is on this planet. He is a killing machine of biblical proportions and his enthusiasm is almost as infectious as the Walker virus. Soon, even the cowards in the work crew are coming back and trying to shoot Walkers.

Rick gets a visitor at his house. It’s Doctor McDrunky, the hot neighbor’s husband. So, not only does he have a death wish but he has beer. He wants Rick to drink with him. It’s awkward and it only gets more so when he brings up the broken owl, which he didn’t care for, and Rick’s dead wife. He drunkenly waxes philosophic about the nature of loss and offers to give the kids a check-up before stumbling out the door. They will be the best of friends. Rick absent-mindedly touches his wedding ring, which he is still wearing from some reason. Rick, Lori was a bang-tail and didn’t deserve you. Get over it.

Things are bleak in the warehouse. Tara is not going to make it. Eugene; however, will not let her die. He throws her over his shoulder and makes a run/walk for it, shooting Walkers like a boss on the way. Meanwhile, Aiden has so much metal sticking through him that the group can’t pull him up and off of the broken shelves. He’s stuck. D-Bag #2 leaves him for dead and runs off. Aiden makes a deathbed confession to Glenn, who was still trying to help. Yup, they left those last scouts to die because they were cowards… or something; there wasn’t really all that much time to hear it before Glenn had to flee, leaving Aiden to be unceremoniously torn apart by Walkers. Not going to lie, it was kinda satisfying.

Act 4:

Abe doesn’t like leaving people behind, and neither does Francine apparently. The troops are rallied and all but the leader “pull the cobwebs outta their ass” and get back to work. Back in Alexandria the construction lead tells Deanna and company all about how he found his limits today and how Ford should take over. He sang his praises and Deanna agreed. Later, when Maggie vouched for Abraham Deanna mentioned how yet another of them is in a position of power. Maggie reminds her that’s why they are here. They need them. Still, I gotta wonder if Deanna is beginning to question the way things are turning out.

Sam comes back to Carol with some stolen chocolate and the most awkward, non-nurturing baking bonding moment ensues. Sam wants to talk, Carol does not. Eventually Carol opens up a little and extols the virtues of cooking and how it often made her forget the things that were making her sad. Sam admits to breaking the owl statue, you know, ’cause. The kid then asks why she stole the guns and she says sometimes you need to protect yourself. Sam then asks for a gun and the sh*t gets real. The gun is not for him… If anyone knows about alcohol-fueled abuse it is Carol. Has Pete been beating on his family? If so, who do you think will kill him first: Carol or Rick?

Things are not working for Glenn, Noah, and Nicholas. They are trapped in the revolving door’s compartments and things are looking bleak. Bleak that is until Eugene, who just a moment ago found his balls, drives up in the van with music and horns blaring. The outside walkers are distracted and start to follow, leaving an avenue of escape. Glenn tells them he is going to break the glass. They can then methodically crawl out without exposing themselves to the indoor Walkers. The glass doesn’t break on the first few hits and this freaks out D-Bag#2, so much so that he forces his way out the front. Of course, this means that the back was exposed. This spelled the end for Noah who was pulled out into the swarm of undead and brutally torn apart while all Glenn could do was watch from the other side of the glass. It was honestly one of the most horrible deaths we have seen on the show, both in emotion and gore.

Act 5:

D-Bag #2 meets up with Eugene and tries to get him to leave. For his part Eugene tries to fight back but is unsuccessful. Glenn on the other hand is. He pummels Nicholas into unconsciousness. They toss him in the back and head for home. The pages of Noah’s journal flutter open and one sentence can be seen on the pristine white paper. “This is the beginning.” Mother D*ck I hate being right. God speed Noah.

Carol heads over to Pete and Jessie’s to see what is going on. Pete answers the door but won’t let her see Sam or Jessie. He slams the door in her face. She catches up with Rick and tells him what’s going on. She’s sure and she knows how this is going to play out. Rick has to kill him.

Back at Deanna’s, Father Gabriel stops by for a visit. The man has lost it. He is there to warn Deanna about Satan and how he has disguised himself in false light or something. He is stark raving mad. He goes on about how bad Rick and Co. are and how they did such horrible things. Of course Maggie overhears it all, much to her horror. Deanna, for her part, seems to defend Rick. I think she could see the madness in the good Father’s eyes. She ushers him out and takes a moment to think. A moment that is interrupted by screaming. She is not going to be happy to learn her son is dead.

There are only two episodes left and everything is about to boil over. Will Alexandria survive? What did you think about this week’s episode? Find your voice in the comments below.