There are three constants in life: death, taxes and reboots. And in keeping with that, 20th Century Fox has released a set of (appropriately enough) four teaser images from their upcoming ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot via Total Film.

Apparently still images from the film rather than generic publicity photos, these images released showcase three of the titular Four. We have two  shots of Reed Richards and one each of Sue and Johnny Storm. It is, however, worth noting that even though this is a set of four photos, they only include three of the core cast. Indeed, The Thing is notable for his near-total absence from the promotional material thus far, and outside of a fleeting shot from the rear in the trailer, we have yet to get a proper look at the character. Could Fox be planning a reveal in the near future?

While these are hardly the sorts of images that one could expect to mine for profound revelations about the film itself, one thing they do very accomplish (aside from showing off the cast, of course) is to further reinforce that director Josh Trank‘s offering, for good or ill, is anything but a conventional ‘Fantastic Four’ film. Taking an approach that is at least partially inspired by the ‘Ultimate Fantastic Four’ comics, the film is all but assured to take a darker and more “realistic” tone than fans may be accustomed to from the property. If nothing else, this is guaranteed to set Trank’s iteration of the Fantastic Four apart from the version offered up by Tim Story in 2005.

‘Fantastic Four’ is directed by Josh Trank and stars Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Bell, and Toby Kebbell as Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm, Ben Grimm and Victor “Doom” Domashev. The film is due for release on August 7th.