Even though we have ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10’ and ‘Angel & Faith Season 10’ in comic book form, it still would be nice to see the onscreen Scoobies reunite. However, in a recent interview with Yahoo! News, Sarah Michelle Gellar, who recently joined the voice cast in ‘Star Wars Rebels,’ told fans not to expect a reunion any time soon.

As you well know, rumors circulate about a possible ‘Buffy’ reboot or spin-off movie on a regular basis. While it would be nice to see Gellar once again wield a wooden stake, she seems to attribute her age as to the reason why she wouldn’t play Buffy again.

“I joke that I’d have to have a walker and my walker would be made of wood, and that would be how I would stake people. At this point, I’m a little old.”

Are you kidding me? I’m sure plenty of people would LOVE to see an old lady stake a vamp with her walker.

Also, let’s add that Sarah Michelle Gellar is only 37 years old. If the ‘Expendables’ can continue being mercenaries, there should be no doubt that Buffy can quash any big bad even if she is approaching 40.

However, Gellar did mention that the ‘Buffy’ cast does have their reunions. “We have them all the time, they’re just not televised.”

When talking about a possible Buffy movie, Gellar seemed wary of the idea given the 1992 movie starring Kristy Swanson literally bit the dust.

“People forget Buffy was a failed movie. Buffy didn’t work as a movie; it worked as a long-arc television show where you could follow this journey. We spent all of our first year going, ‘Yes, we know we’re based on a failed movie, but we’re different.’ And so it just seems counterproductive to go back. It didn’t work the first time.”

Despite Sarah Michelle Gellar’s reservations, would you like to see a new incarnation of Buffy on the big or small screen?