CBS has added a TV veteran to its new series (coming this fall) ‘Supergirl‘ based on the famous DC Comics super heroine.  Emmy nominee Calista Flockhart has been cast in the role of Cat Grant, who is slated to be the boss of the title character, also known as Kara Danvers, and the head of CatCo, a multimedia conglomerate.  In the comics, Cat Grant is a dishy gossip columnist that works at the Daily Planet with Clark Kent, Kara’s famous cousin also known as Superman.  She’s being recast on ‘Supergirl’ as more of a Ted Turner type media mogul.

Tracy Scoggins previously played the role on the soapy ‘Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman’, with a ‘Real Housewives’ vixen spin.  Both Emillie Ullerup and Keri Lynn Pratt played the role on ‘Smallville’.

Flockhart is best known as the lead on the series ‘Ally McBeal’ as well as one of the leads on the hit drama ‘Brothers & Sisters.’

Kara will be played by Melissa Benoist, the former female lead on ‘Glee’, and in keeping with the comics, will be a survivor of the destruction of the planet Krypton.  Apparently, there will be reference to the fact that her cousin is Superman.  But Kara herself will have been taken in by the Danvers family who encouraged her to not only hide her amazing powers, but her natural beauty, pulling her hair back in a ponytail and hiding behind a pair of glasses.

Catherine “Cat” Jane Grant has been a long-running Super supporting character, but at one point became a major supporting character in the ‘Supergirl’ comic, as a TV commentator rallying against the Girl of Steel and her public use of her super powers.  It’s quite likely that this thread will be picked up on the TV show, which, at this point may or may not connect to ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash‘ which air on CBS’s off channel The CW.

Another subplot she had a major role in, was that she had a young son named Adam who was killed by the super villain Toy Man.

What do you think of this casting?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter