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When it rains ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakensrumors it pours, and today we have a downpour! It looks as if we’ve found out what role Domhnall Gleeson (‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2′,’Dredd’) has in the film.!

(While this is considered rumor, it could also be a spoiler if it indeed proves to be true so continue on at your own risk.)

Rumor places Gleeson on track to be Luke’s son, the next Skywalker.

I’m going to let that sink in for a second. The actor who played Bill Weasley in the last 2 Harry Potter movies might end up being an all new Jedi and have the fate of the galaxy thrust upon him.

This rumor is coming straight from Making Star Wars and while they are usually hesitant to post a rumor without facts, they’ve apparently heard it four times from various sources that they’ve used in the past. Well, three of them they’ve used in the past and one that seems to be solid. While this is of course firmly in rumor territory until the studio says something official, it does sound like Gleeson will end up being a Skywalker.

What makes this really interesting is that Gleeson’s character in the film actually is part of the Empire and is the Imperial Officer that sends Chrome Stormtroopers (most likely Gwendoline Christie“s character) after Finn. Though the rumor also persists that he isn’t sympathetic to the Imperial cause but is actually playing the two factions in charge of the universe against one another while on a mission to destroy their super weapons. In fact, it sounds as if his goal could end up unleashing an even worse Force upon the universe (pardon my pun).

What do you think about Gleeson as Skywalker’s son? D0 you feel that his actions are justified if his goal is to destroy these weapons of mass destruction or will this send him spiraling down a path towards his very own dark side?