It’s the return of Lando Calrissian! Fans rejoice as the beloved character makes a full-episode appearance on ‘Star Wars Rebels,’ with actor Billy Dee Williams doing the voice-acting to reprise the character he made famous in ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ and ‘Return of the Jedi.’ The news is all kinds of exciting as Lando has not appeared in as much media as say Yoda, who made the last big cameo on ‘Star Wars: Rebels,’ which was only in voice form. This episode appears to feature Lando heavily, and shows him at a much younger stage in his career, before he truly became the smooth talking space-pirate we all know and love. Plus, with Lando’s appearance on the show, the show’s creators are showing more and more how much they are taking the fans into mind when working on ‘Rebels,’ striving to tie everything into the new continuity and bring back fan-favorites instead of just introducing nothing but brand-new characters not originally associated with the franchise.

In the episode, it seems Zeb and Lando engage in a game of cards, and unlike when he lost the Millenium Falco” to Han Solo, this time Lando comes out on top, winning the crew’s droid, Chopper in the process. Of course they want to get Chopper back, so the crew of the “Ghost” makes a deal to help Calrissian make a dangerous smuggling run in exchange for the return of their droid. And is often the case in ‘Star Wars Rebels,’ especially more so now that Lando is involved, “the crew gets more than it bargained for” when Lando starts making deals on the side, leading to an even more dangerous expedition.

Check it out when the episode airs on Disney XD on January 19th at 9pm! Also, make sure to check out the video below showing Billy Dee Williams returning to voice Lando!

Source: EW, Slashfilm