Techland has just released 90-minutes of footage of their upcoming first person open world zombie game ‘Dying Light.’

Shown off by ‘Dying Light’ game producer Tymon Smektala and lead game designer Maciej Binkowski, the newest gameplay gives a little insight on the game’s skill progression system, some missions and exploration in its open-world environment and a little bit of the freerunning moves that can be done. Both Smektala and Binkowski also answer some fan questions along the way as well.

‘Dying Light’ puts players in the shoes of Kyle Crane, an undercover operative sent to the city of Harran several weeks after it has been hit by a viral infection whose major symptom renders people into zombies. As Crane, players need to fight their way through a city embroiled in chaos and make sense of themselves in the conflict of its warring factions, all while trying to accomplish the objective they were sent into the quarantine zone for.

One of the major features of ‘Dying Light’ is its first person freerunning mechanics where players can run at quick speeds and perform acrobatic climbing techniques in order to navigate their environment.

Another huge aspect of ‘Dying Light’ is its day and night system, where during the day, zombies are sluggish and slow, while during the night, zombies become more dangerous with heightened senses and the ability to sprint at the player. So when players need to get supplies, they need to make judgment calls over when it is safest to explore.

Announced back in May 2013, ‘Dying Light’ is the latest game by Techland, the development studio known mostly for the ‘Dead Island’ series and ‘Call of Juarez’ series. It was originally supposed to release sometime in February 2015 on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows PC. However, its release date was pushed forward to January 27 and its PS3 and Xbox 360 versions were also even cancelled due to Techland’s belief that both consoles would not be able to handle the game properly.

‘Dying Light’ will release for PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC on January 27.