With Roberto Orco having gotten out of the director’s chair, Paramount Pictures is on the hunt for a new director for ‘Star Trek 3‘ and now appears to have five names on their short list. Now, fans who have been following this progress may be annoyed when they find out that Commander Riker, I mean Jonathan Frakes, is not on this list at all. That being said, there are some recognizable names on this list that the studio has lined up though their ventures into space themed science fiction might not be quite as in depth as Frakes.

So who is on the short list? Well it would appear that Paramount Pictures, JJ Abrams and Skydance Productions are looking at Rupert Wyatt (‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes,’ ‘The Gambler’), Morten Tyldum (‘The Imitation Game,’ ‘Headhunters’), Daniel Espinosa (‘Safe House,’ ‘Easy Money’), Justin lin (‘Fast & Furious 6,”The Wolf Man’), and Duncan Jones (‘Warcraft,”Moon’). At this time it sounds as if Wyatt is at the top of the list and has already actively met with the studio. While Jones has previously done a single film set in space with his smash indie hit ‘Moon,’ most of these directors do not have much in the way of science fiction set in space even if they have done quite a few blockbusters between them.

However, with the film needing to move forward right now to keep on schedule, it looks like Espinosa may be too occupied with ‘Boston Strong’ on his plate while Jones is still working on finishing ‘Warcraft’ for Legendary Pictures. That could, in theory, take both filmmakers out of the equation.

While Edgar Wright was initially the name being bounced around when Orco stepped down, I would imagine the studio would have the same concerns that Marvel had with him which is that we’d be getting an Edgar Wright movie and not a ‘Star Trek’ movie. I mean, I absolutely love Wright’s work and would love to see him team up with Simon Pegg again but I believe his style of film wouldn’t mesh perfectly with the two ‘Star Trek’ films that have already been released.

With some serious talent listed above, which name would you like to see boldly go where no director has gone before (on this rebooted timeline) to follow up Abrams and helm the next ‘Star Trek’ movie and why?

Personally for me? I’m still for #BringInRiker!

Source: Deadline