Giant monster movies have becoming increasingly popular and while the latest ‘Godzilla‘ film has more positive than negative reviews, many still pine for the days where Toho of Japan released their own brand of films. That wait is soon to be over! After the success of Legendary Pictures recent take on the franchise, Toho plans on releasing a new ‘Godzilla’ film in 2016 which will be their first title in 12 years!

The last film that they released was in 2004 titled ‘Godzilla: Final Wars’ which was a 50th anniversary celebration where the King of the Kaiju battled many of his classic enemies as well as an all new Monster X. Looks like the final wars were thankfully not so final after all!

According to a Toho staffer , “This is very good timing after the success of the American version this year: if not now, then when? The licensing contract we have with Legendary places no restrictions on us making domestic versions.”

That was a very smart key point out as Legendary made more than $500 million from their film and now would be the perfect time to ride the wave with the 29th installment in their classic franchise. Production is set to begin in the summer of 2015.

While they clearly won’t have the $200 million budget that Legendary Pictures had to make the film, they are using an increase in CGI to create it. One has to wonder though if that means we’ll be getting a CG Godzilla instead of having the classic rubber suit pulled out once more or any of the new look will be influenced by the US release.

While there is plenty of room for both takes on Godzilla in the world I can’t help but suspect this will end up in an Us vs Them argument from fans of one side against the other.

Are you looking forward to ‘Toho’ bringing back the iconic ‘Godzilla’ that they’ve made or are you perfectly happy with the US release and would prefer just that one to continue on? Is there enough room for two Godzilla’s in your heart? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter