While there is still no news on ‘Dredd 2‘, the semi-official but not mini-series known as ‘Dark Judges‘ has just been given a name change and has been released! While ‘Dark Judges’ had a great ring to it, the new name is lined up as ‘Superfiend’ and this series has already been released online!

If you’ve been dying to know more about the world that the last cinematic version of ‘Dredd’ introduced us to, this new mini-series by producer Adi Shankar aims to do just that. For those unfamiliar with Shankar, he was one of the producers on the 2012 release of ‘Dredd’ as well as having produced films such as ‘The Grey’, ‘Lone Survivor’, and more!

So it isn’t a live action series but animated and an animated spin-off that followed the Dark Judges. In the series, we follow the events as a group of undead lawmen who are killing criminals that they come across.

First up we have an introduction to ‘Judge Dredd: Superfiend’ and what you can expect from it:

Next up we have all 6 episodes of the series to share with you. At 6 minutes each it won’t take you long to check them all out:

To be completely fair, any comic to cinematic conversion can always be iffy and when you try to shoehorn in a webseries from the comic into the cinematic universe it can be extremely iffy. Still, if you are a fan of the character you won’t be overly disappointed here as long as you keep in mind that this isn’t an official continuation. Think of this more along the lines of a fan made animated film who had a lot of money to dump into actually making it look good.However, unlike the amazingly well done fan series ‘Cursed Edge,’ this one has one of the film’s producers on board.

What did you think about the animated series once you’ve had a chance to check it out?

Source: Adi Shankar