The live action television adaptation of the hit Image comic book ‘The Walking Dead’, written by Robert Kirkman is actually growing its already massive audience with its new sixth season, seemingly locking it in for many more seasons to come.  But recently, fans of the show began buzzing that perhaps things were not what they seemed and that it was possible that the entire series was all a nightmare being experienced by main character Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) who was put into a coma in the series premiere only to awaken in the zombie apocalypse.  Since then, life has been a roller-coaster for Rick, who was forced to kill his former best friend Shane and whose wife Lori died giving birth to their (?) baby Judith.

The “it was all a dream” concept has been utilized in the past, most famously in the series finale of 80s medical drama ‘St. Elsewhere’… much to the viewers’ chagrin.  Robert Kirkman, who serves as an executive producer on ‘The Walking Dead’ TV series wasted no time in debunking this theory on Twitter.

He then quipped, however:

It sometimes seems that people forget that ‘The Walking Dead’ is an adaptation of an existing source material, much like ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘True Blood.’  Yes, things have been twisted to keep the show fresh, but the comics/graphic novels have gone on for several years beyond where the TV show is.  And at no point was it ever revealed to be a dream and the story is still unfolding on a monthly basis.

So… sorry conspiracy theorists.  Back to the drawing board!

What do you think?  Would you have been happy with a “dream” resolution?  Or are you happier that all of these events are “real” in this universe?

Source: Screen Rant