Microsoft touts Cortana, the digital assistant on the Windows Phone, as a way to keep you abreast of the things that matter to you. If a particular warrior species from the ‘Star Trek’ franchise happens to be of utmost importance, you’re in luck. Microsoft engineers have developed a way for Cortana to speak Klingon. To quote Lieutenant Worf, “Buy’ ngop!”

When a Windows Phone user prompts Cortana to “speak Klingon”, the app has responses to delight any Trekkie. (It also doesn’t fail to inform you that the translations are provided by Bing.) Furthermore, you can request to beam yourself up or have your phasers set to stun.

Additionally, Cortana will respond to being called “Number one” as well as provide a response to the age-old question, “Star Trek or Star Wars?”

This new feature coincides with the third annual Microsoft-sponsored Star Trek conference in London as well as the launch of the newest Lumia 830 handset.

As of now, the feature is only available in the UK. However, it should be available to US fans in the coming weeks.

Sources: Digital Trends, Slashgear