So I’m going to say right off the bat that the first issue of the new installment of ‘Thor’ was well written and entertaining with great art to boot. We’ve all known that Thor was going to become unworthy to wield Mjolnir and be Thor for quite some time. We’ve also all known a new woman would be taking up his Hammer. The issue where it all happens has been revealed at last!

If they can keep this up we might just be in for a fun ride. Marvel has been pushing an internal initiative to really let more female super heroes shine and this looks like it could be a stand out book for it. It is too early to say if this would take my top female super hero spot but I suspect that the writing will make it a contender.

Speaking of the writing, Aaron handles it perfectly and the way he shows off the fallen Thor is exactly how you would expect the fallen son of Asgard to be reacting. Maybe a little overdone but nonetheless it is fitting. Also the only thing that can snap him out of his malaise is quite perfect.

On artwork we get space, Asgard, Gods, Ice Giants, and more! Dauterman handles it all in style and keeps the characters just right in the serious scenes and the action coming when battle is at hand.

The new book starts with Thor dealing with no longer being worthy after Nick Fury whispered something to the God of Thunder during the events of ‘Original Sin.’ We don’t know what was whispered to him but it was so powerful that Thor, now just Odinson, can no longer lift his hammer and the rest of the Gods of Asgard stand around him on the moon trying to get him to eat or move. Even Odin himself (who is recently back from the events that occurred in ‘Original Sin: Thor & Loki’) cannot console him.

While this blew away the last set of stories from ‘Thor: God of Thunder,’ I do have to be honest in saying that wasn’t too difficult. While I love the character and where they’ve gone with him the past few years, I was not a fan of the last run of Thor. That being said, the new run is going a good job at bringing up some of the classic villain’s from Thor’s past. At least, his Asgardian villains. I’m assume we’ll see the transition of how they will need to battle the new Thor before introducing her to The Avengers and much of the rest of the Marvel Universe.

Aaron and Dauterman are off to a great start on the new ‘Thor’ book. My only concern is that the vast majority of the issue was devoted to Odinson himself and the new Thor almost felt tacked on as an afterthought. She’ll have plenty of time to shine coming up, though. I just hope that they can keep the interest up once the perspective switches from the ex-Thor we know to the new one. I have to say I’m glad that I didn’t let the gender change of the major character cloud my judgement as this is shaping up to be a title that could enter my regular rotation as long as the quality keeps up over the next few issues.


Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Russell Dauterman