We saw that ‘Cyclops’ #4 came to a close with father and son having come to terms with one another as well as having figured a way to get off the planet. All of the stand alone X-Men titles so far have been fantastic stories that are highly character driven. While I usually prefer my mutants working together as a team, the current sets with Magneto, Cyclops, and now Storm have just been well written reads.

Rucka has been giving us a great read with his take on the journey of young Cyclops and this issue is no different. We see action, adventure, father/son bonding, and a moment where Corsair truly teaches his son an important lesson as the book closes. We see how he learns why honor is so important here which is something his older self feels as well so it will be interesting to see if that changes how they interact with one another the next time that they are in contact.

Of course unlike the older Cyclops who is willing to take lives, young Scott makes a huge point that he and his father cannot take the lives of the pirates who are hunting them in order to escape. He feels so strongly about this that they not only have to revise their original plan that Corsair comes up, with but he almost gets them both caught on top of it. There is some great factors of trust and doing the right thing working for Scott that the elder version that we know would be far too jaded to use. It once again hearkens back to the Cyclops of old and long term fans of the series should get a smile on their face to see young Scott just doing the right thing.

Art wise, we see Carmen Nunez Camero doing a fine job at taking over for Russell Dauterman. While the book transitions to a new writer and artist, visually it is well done, if a slightly different style from the previous issue. The differences don’t take away from the issue as it still looks good.

I have to say that I can’t give this one a perfect score. It isn’t the change in art style that bothers me. Scott has been keeping a journal through this entire story and while it has been effective so far, this issue it was just a little overdone. It took away from the story that it had previously advanced.

I’m not sure how much longer the journeys of Cyclops and his father will go on though. It is only going to be a matter of time before this little journey to the stars has to come to an end and Scott has to rejoin his X-Men from the past. Only, they probably have to come back to the Ultimate Universe first. I love the ride but it has a shelf life and we’re going to be hitting it soon.


Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Carmen Nunez Camero