I suppose after finishing his million word novel ‘Jerusalem‘, Alan Moore needed something to do with his time and he’s returning to work on comics with ‘Crossed: +100’. The original ‘Crossed’ series is written by Garth Ennis and 10 issues have been released since it first came out in 2008 and a second series, ‘Crossed: Family Values’, was penned by David Lapham. For ‘Crossed: +100’ we will see a six-issue spinoff released for this creator owned title. Thankfully this won’t be a superhero comic or by reading it he may consider many of us to be “emotionally subnormal.”

So what will Moore be doing on ‘Crossed: +100’? Well, the +100 actually stands for a period of time that has passed with the issue taking place a full century after the original outbreak has reduced those of our species who have been infected to become monsters that live out their most base and evil desires. What happens to our species when civilization falls apart?

Well, according to Moore, “I think people think of Crossed as a horror story, and I can see why. It is extremely horrible [but] I was thinking that Crossed is actually a science fiction story that has got a really, really high horror quotient. So that was the way that I started approaching it.”

The series original creator Garth Ennis added that, “So it turns out Jimi Hendrix wants to play in my band. He wants to sing songs. I don’t usually worry about vindication, but Alan is probably the one person whose opinion would be enough to change my mind about what I do,” and having Moore on board for helping shape the future of his work, “means everything to me.”

We’ll be seeing ‘Crossed: +100’ released this December and the book will be illustrated by Gabriel Andrade. I always love seeing a vision of what a current world may look down the round after a major event to humanity happens. With Moore’s involvement you know it’ll have to be interesting.

Are you looking forward to Alan Moore returning to comics outside of ‘League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’? Are you excited to hear his take on ‘Crossed: +100’? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter