Are you familiar with Secret Cinema?  The company has a huge reputation in the United Kingdom for creating true interactive movie experiences.  They are so massive that a lot of times, they release tickets to their events without revealing what movie they will be spotlighting… and fans snatch up these high-priced tickets (usually around $88) based just on the group’s reputation.

Generally speaking, the group showcases older, classic movies, like ‘Nosferatu’ and the lovely Audrey Hepburn Paris-based fashion showcase ‘Funny Face’.

Recently, Secret Cinema screened ‘Back To The Future’ and recreated the entire town of Hill Valley, with real operating shops, Lou’s Diner, the high school where much of the movie took place, a real working carnival and the famous clock tower.  They also employed 74 actors to populate the town and convey the 1950s tone of the movie.  That sounds like a major attraction simply by itself!  But there was actually a screening of the original film, which is turning 30 next year.  (Yeah, I feel old too.)

In honor of that milestone, Secret Cinema is journeying across the pond and will replicate their ‘Back To The Future’ experience in Los Angeles next year!  Now American fans can celebrate the beloved Michael J. Fox/Christopher Lloyd film in full splendor.

Here are two videos of the UK version, to give you a hint at what to expect:

Doesn’t that look amazing?!  The next video is more low-rez but gives you a little more insight into the event:

What do you think?  Are you a big enough fan of this Robert Zemeckis-directed film to cough up the fee to visit a replica of Hill Valley?

Source: Slash Film