This cut scene from ‘Divergent‘ depicts Miles Teller’s Peter in quite a different way from what fans of the film have come to expect, though fans of the novel thought was missing. In the film he is a bit of a timed smart ass while in the novel he is just a little different. That is, if you can count going from timid to psychotic as just a little different. He has a much darker and more important role in the novel which was edited out of the translation.

This first scene that was cut from the film shows the results of Peter stabbing another kid, Eddie, in the eye in order to rank higher. While I don’t believe that every movie out there has to be dark, I really feel that the intensity of what Tris is experiencing is greatly diminished by this and other scenes being cut. The audience isn’t given a chance to feel that she is truly in danger every moment that she is on screen and it takes away from the seriousness of her situation.

There are going to be a ton of scenes like this one that were cut from the film to secure its PG-13 rating. It sounds as if they will all be released on the Blu-ray edition, but this is the most memorable that was removed from the final product. It sets the tone for Peter’s character in the film and give us a completely different direction from how they have portrayed him.

You can check it out below.

Ouch! If all of the cut scenes show how Peter actually was and the other dangers from the world that these children live in you’d probably need an R rating on the movie.

Are you looking forward to seeing the rest of the cut scenes on disc when the movie is released? Are you hoping for an unrated director’s cut to be released? Share your thoughts in the comments!

‘Divergent’ is now available in digital HD, and the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack goes on sale Aug. 5.

Source: Yahoo