With San Diego Comic Con officially starting today, we thought we’d commemorate this auspicious occasion with a very special tweet from director/producer Zack Snyder.

Unlike other directors, Snyder really doesn’t tweet that often, but this image definitely makes up for all that! Whether it is a hint of something to come or just Snyder having a little fun, the image is too good not to geek out about it!

Snyder posted this image of Henry Cavill wearing what looks like a hint of his Superman costume under a black cloak wielding a lightsaber. Underneath is the hashtag SuperJedi.

Now according to Warner Bros’ Hall H panel line up at Comic Con, ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ won’t have a presence at the con, so could this be a consolation prize for the absence? Maybe it’s a precursor of a project Snyder could be doing? At one point, Snyder was rumored to be on the list of directors to helm a ‘Star Wars’ spin off film and with 3 films confirmed with Gareth Edwards directing one and Josh Trank another, that leaves one more in need of a director. Or maybe Snyder was just having a little fun with everyone,

Regardless, this is definitely an image geek worthy for the first day of Comic Con, don’t you think?