With the last two issues of ‘X-Force’ just getting better, I had high hopes for the current installment by Si Spurrier. With ‘X-Force’ #6 actually being my favorite issue to date giving us all kinds of new details, I hate to say that #7 was my least favorite. While I can’t say it was a bad issue, it showed us some annoying sides of our characters that seemed out of place and not much went on to move the overall story line forward.

Of course, since Spurrier is doing the writing, every time he had a slow issue on ‘X-Men: Legacy,’ it was actually full of build up that you just didn’t see it coming until all of the pieces fell into place to reveal the full puzzle. I can’t help but hope this is what we’ll be seeing here.

Offhand, it would appear that Domino is back and is going solo against Volga’s new flesh bag of a body. Volga also seems to have a couple alien or mutants that are living in a fantasy world which I didn’t feel were exactly explained what they were there for. It seems like that should be an easy win for her but it doesn’t really work out that well and the way the rest of the team is acting, it would almost seem like they don’t know she’s in trouble let alone on a mission. They don’t seem to know because the rest of the team are all acting like this is just down time so I’m wondering if Domino is on a solo mission, if Cable sent her on this one before uploading his latest data from memories, or something else is at play entirely.

Hopefully Domino’s luck starts to kick in by next issue.

Speaking of the return of Volga there is a lot of dialogue with Cable prepping his team to invade privacy for the good of the people while Volga is claiming to be invading privacy for the greater good as well. The two conversations work rather well hand in hand and Spurrier does a good job at mixing the two into one another to form one cohesive narrative, but no matter how you break it down this invasion really goes against everyone’s good intentions.

On the ‘X-Force’ front we finally have Fantomex finally show off how he is keeping control of his slowly going insane self while Dr. Nemesis gets hit on by Marrow, and MeMe (who we’ve found out is Hope) tries to have a digital fling with Fantomex. Speaking of getting it on, Psylocke tries to have a one night stand with Cable who doesn’t realize she is trying to release some frustration of her own and not make him feel better of the situation he’s in.

This issue was a let down over the quality of the last and while people turn to sex in stressful situations, the only one that felt even semi-realistic in the pairings suggested in the issue was Psylocke going after Cable. The rest of them just seemed thrown together and did not seem to fit the characters. Hopefully the next issue will have Spurrier once again throwing us for a curve and making this all make sense.

Oh, and Fantomex is totally certifiable so I wonder how long until his little nightly activities come to light.


Writer: Simon Spurrier
Artist: Rock-He Kim