The ‘Robotech‘ universe was saddened by the loss of series creator Carl Macek in 2010, but he developed one last concept before he passed from our world and now it may become a reality. The company that has been helping push forward the franchise is looking to Kickstart a pilot episode that will be created based off of his ideas. This is a dream come true for fans of the series who want to know more about the Universe that Macek created as well as more about ‘The Sentinels’.

The basis behind ‘Robotech Academy’ is that we will be following new cadets in their adventures through the universe in this 24 minute pilot episode. The show would be taking place around the time and setting of the aborted ‘Robotech II: The Sentinels’ series but won’t be following that story line as Carl felt that world had already been explored in the comics so would instead be exploring with new characters.

Instead, the series would center on the exploits of the children of the first generation of heroes which are the cream of the crop of humanity. However, the Academy ends up being far from where it’s supposed to be and suddenly becomes a target as the future of humanity’s salvation is all gathered in one place. However it won’t be all new characters as you’ll see some younger and older versions of previous characters who will make an appearance in the show.

Not only that, but the villains are no longer the Invid but are actually the Children of Zor who are a splinter group of the Robotech Masters from the second generation.

With people to fight we’ll of course need mechas and the ones in this series could be thought of as the missing link between the various series. That missing link theme is key as while the original series weren’t directly connected in any direct way, ‘Robotech Academy’ looks to change that and tie them together.

The kickstarter is running through August 8th, 2014 and is looking  to raise $500,000 as their goal. This is the second Kickstarter taking place in the Robotech universe as the last one was for the game ‘Robotech RPG Tactics’ by Palladium Books that ended up raking in $1.5 million dollars. With more fans enjoying the films and mangas, there is a high hope that what they are looking for could come together. Any amount unused in the pilot or earned over the initial target goal will be directly used to help create more episodes in the series. The initial cost of the first episode will be higher than the rest as much of the models and other art can be reused for future episodes.

If you want to sign up to help out or find out more details you can get all of the details over at The ‘Robotech Academy’ Kickstarter!

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