I always thought C-3PO would make an excellent docent…

Our sincere congratulations go out to the New Starship Foundation as they achieved their Kickstarter goal to open the Hollywood Science Fiction Museum.

The New Starship Foundation is the non-profit responsible for restoring the original Enterprise bridge from ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’. New Starship was founded by Huston Huddleston and boasts many distinguished names on their board including Ronald D. Moore, Larry Nemecek, David Gerrold and other artists, producers and designers who have worked on notable modern science fiction classics.

New Starship aims to open the Hollywood Science Fiction Museum in 2015. Ideally, in 2018, New Starship will open a bigger museum that would be large enough to include replicas of the Millennium Falcon and Enterprise-D. (Let’s just hope it’s not one of those “Please Don’t Touch” situations.)

The funds New Starship managed to raise are for the museum’s 2015 incarnation. According to their Kickstarter page, the Hollywood Science Fiction Museum plans to present displays dedicated to Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who and more, as well as a Hall of Spaceships, Hall of Robots, Hall of Real Robots, Hall of Cars and an area dedicated to the art of special effects and animation.

In addition to a celebration of science fiction books, television and movies, the Hollywood Science Fiction Museum also wants to include exhibitions about advancements in actual science, particularly space travel. They plan to incorporate STEM-based education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) to “teach real science through science fiction”.

With 1,867 backers, New Starship surpassed their $82,399 goal by raising a total of $93,428. Backers were treated to a variety of perks depending on their donation, ranging from mugs and tote bags to drinks with Jane Espenson and the ability to get married on the restored Enterprise Bridge.

Here is the mission state of The Hollywood Science Fiction Museum:

“The mission of New Starship Foundation and the Hollywood Science Fiction Museum is to inspire people of all ages and nationalities with an uplifting vision of the future found in science fiction media, art and literature by teaching Real Science through Science Fiction, including technology, ecology, engineering, computers, robotics, math, medicine, space travel and all aspects of filmmaking through fun, interactive exhibits and programs.”

Are you excited about the museum? What would you like to see included in the museum?

Source: Hollywood Science Fiction Museum Kickstarter Page