It’s hard not to get caught up in the fun and creativity of cosplay at a convention like Denver Comic-Con 2014 and so it’s no surprise that people put on funny hats, grab a marker and write something on their t-shirts to otherwise try to fit in to an event where upwards of 20% of attendees have some sort of gear!

What most caught my eye were the juxtaposition of cosplay and the reality of daily life. Spiderman — and Batman! — pushing strollers, The Joker grabbing a sandwich. Have a look, here are my favorite cosplay pics from DCC, with some snarky commentary:

I like the musclebound guy glaring at me. Dude, don’t you know that’s Jack Sparrow next to you?

Update: Turns out that it’s none other than sci-fi best selling author Jim Butcher in the black tank-top. Now ya know.


Robin realized that he didn’t need sunglasses, while Antman (??) turned his back to us, fed up that he couldn’t flag down a cab.


It became clear what happened to those uneaten ice cream cones. And Dad liked it!


Ironically, the guy in the middle wasn’t holding a prop weapon. Luckily, however, those costumes made it impossible to reach any sort of wallets.


Get enough cosplay folk in the same place and it is a bit bewildering, as you can see!


Uh oh, costume malfunction!


And this, Peter Parker, is what happens when you get too friendly with Gwen!


Joker needs a Coke. That’s just how he rolls…


When not growling and complaining about Solo’s terrible navigational skills, apparently Chewbacca is an elder counselor. Go Chewie!


Shh… don’t tell Lil’ Poison Ivy Jr. but she’s on a leash! And what’s the deal with Batman Knight and his crossover gear?


With ears like that, she needed an aural interface to the rendering software demo, not a stylus!


Batman. With the little known Batbaby in her Batstroller.


“What do you mean the armor doesn’t fit, Boba Jr? We just got that made for you three months ago!”


Weirdly, this gal didn’t have huge eyes when she turned around.


This one’s yours to caption, gang… leave your best in the comments.


I could take these guys. I could. At the same time.


Seriously, you won’t pose with me, Bane? Then I turn my Bat-back on you, jerk!