He probably should have known better but, ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ cinematographer Larry Fong tweeted the above image over the weekend, sending fans into a tizzy at the image of a playing card, face down, wedged into a column of some sort.  Obviously, fans took this to mean that The Joker would appear in some capacity.  Fans freaked out and Fong quickly back peddled.

Movies.com Erik Davis tweeted this response:

A card trick, huh?  What are we supposed to think?  Why tweet a picture if there’s no significance?  We know it’s not Gambit!

The only other possibility is The Royal Flush Gang, the long-running card-themed enemies of the Justice League… and even they, in the beginning were connected to The Joker.

And they seem an even longer shot than The Joker considering how many characters are already in this movie.  There’s Superman (Henry Cavill), Batman (Ben Affleck), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg), plus several returning supporting characters and some that have been cast but haven’t been revealed.  Just adding The Joker seems excessive, much less an entire gang of criminals.

Beyond that, we have a photo of a card wedged in a wall and there is no deeper meaning behind it?  Does Fong just not know how the internet works?  Don’t mess with Fanboys.

To be honest, there are a few reasons The Joker shouldn’t be in this movie.  Obviously, there are already a ton of characters in it.  Some may simply be cameos, but if we’re already seeing Batman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg, most are expecting additional Justice League announcements and there have already been numerous rumors regarding several of them.

The second big reason is the fairly recent, much revered performance Heath Ledger provided for ‘The Dark Knight’ winning an Academy Award in the process.  I’m not saying the character should never again appear on screen, but maybe give it a couple more years.

But what do you think?  Did Fong make a huge mistake and leak a major plot twist?  Or was this just a photo that was majorly misconstrued by Twitter users?  Comment below!

Source: Cinema Blend