When Len Wiseman (‘Total Recall‘, ‘Underworld: Awakening‘) dropped out of directing the the reboot of ‘The Mummy‘, Andres Muschietti (‘Mama‘) quickly jumped in to take his place. Now it looks as if he has left the production as well.

So why did he leave? Creative differences. Not just creative differences but it appears that it is creative differences that many of us don’t agree with! We’ve never had a clear take on what the studio wanted to do with the new iteration of ‘The Mummy’, though original director Wiseman stated that “It’s horror. Its epic. It’s more of a modern day version of what would happen if we came across a mummy in our world today. It is pretty fascinating.” That had a nice ring to it with how well horror has been doing as of late. Unfortunately, times change and Universal appears to have changed their minds as they now want something that is a “four-quadrant, more family-friendly action-adventure blockbuster.”

It almost sounds like they now want to reboot the last set of ‘Mummy’ films. That isn’t bad, but that wasn’t what they had sold the writers, directors, or those of us in the media on so far. I had my hopes up on some high budget Egyptian horror film and now it looks like we’ll be getting some humor instead. The first film in the last set of ‘The Mummy’ movies really hit all of the high points you could hope for with Brendan Fraser leading the film. It was fun, funny, and the concept could work again. It’s just not what a lot of us were hoping for.

This also doesn’t mesh with Universal’s plans of a mashup of their iconic monsters. Perhaps the theme is a little more lighthearted than the pure horror they were trying to sell us on? I suppose only time will tell.

With a more family friendly version of the film being done are you annoyed that Universal changed their minds on the type of movie that we’ll be seeing on the big screen? Who would you want to see take the director’s chair? Share your thoughts below!

‘The Mummy’ is currently slated for an April 22, 2016 release date.

Source: Collider