Back in January, it was announced that Jim Starlin would be returning to Marvel Comics after about ten years to write and draw a brand new story featuring a number of characters that he created for the company, including his most famous creation who happens to be playing a part in the upcoming Phase Two film ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. Titled ‘Thanos: The Infinity Revelation’, the original graphic novel is meant to star the Mad Titan and Adam Warlock as they team up to deal with a universe imperiling event that will result in Thanos becoming a greater threat than ever before. Recently, we got a taste of the story in Marvel’s Free Comic Book Day offering, but now it appears that the legendary comic book creator has run into some problems with his publisher.

After seemingly burying the hatchet with the announcement of this graphic novel scheduled for an August release, Starlin shared on his Facebook page that he has encountered a roadblock with his latest work at the House of Ideas as Marvel appears to have taken one of his main characters off the table. He wrote that he was “not sure what I’m going to do now, seeing as how I can’t do any further Thanos/Adam Warlock stories, as was the plan,” before explaining the situation further:

“Okay, this time, after I brought Adam Warlock back from the dead in the Infinity Revelation, someone at Marvel anonymously put a corporation-wide-no-use restriction on the character, effectively putting the brakes on the on-going plans I had for him and the Titan.”

In response to fans seeking clarification, senior editor and all-around guy in the know Tom Brevoort posted the following on his Tumblr:

“Any truth to the rumors that Thanos will be vanishing from Marvel comics for over a year, and that ‘the rug has been pulled out’ from under Jim Starlin and his Warlock-Thanos tale? No, there’s no truth to this. Thanos will be appearing as much as ever in our books.

This is all really about something else, something much smaller that Jim probably shouldn’t even have taken public on his Facebook page. But he did, so there you go. But it’s grown and changed and become so exaggerated as the information passes from one ‘well-respected comics blogger’ to another that it bears no resemblance to the truth.”

With both sides out there on the internet for all to see, there’s no word yet on what this means for the release of ‘The Infinity Revelation’ or Starlin’s future involvement in the Marvel Universe. Hopefully things get worked out soon so that we will see more Thanos stories from the man who created him.

What do you think this means for Jim Starlin’s future with Marvel Comics? Could this have been a huge misunderstanding? Do you think that the creator should have taken to Facebook with this matter right away? Sound off in the comments below.