With ‘V/H/S’ and its sequel both doing well it is no surprise that a third installment was in the works and we have the details for you! While the first two had a loose narrative that was able to tie the stories partially together. it looks as if this new one will have a different way to connect the story. The title should start to give it away as it will be called ‘V/H/S Viral’.

We’re not talking a bacteria type of viral here, but more of videos gone viral. The loose synopsis for the film describes it as “fame-obsessed teens who unwittingly become stars of the next internet sensation.” Clearly we’re going to be seeing a lot of this being done as kids trying to one up one another. We won’t yet know if the films has he horror comes from accidents or the way they are trying to outdo each other. I’m guessing more of column B.

While we don’t know what all of the shorts are going to be about this year we do know who will be in the various directors’ chairs!

  • Todd Lincoln (‘The Apparition’)
  • Nacho Vigalondo (the upcoming ‘Open Windows’)
  • Marcel Sarmiento (‘The ABCs of Death’)
  • Gregg Bishop (‘Dance of the Dead’)
  • Justin Benson (‘Resolution’)
  • Aaron Moorhead (‘A Glaring Emission’)

While we don’t know much of the cast quite yet we do know that Justin Welborn (‘The Crazies’, ‘Justified’) and Emmy Argo (‘The Thin Line’, ‘Coffee Shop’) will be involved.

We also have the first image from the film below:

While that tells us absolutely nothing about the film there is never anything wrong with scantily clad women who are about to do something probably vicious to the one in front. While the second installment in this franchise was quite fun to watch, I’m not sure how the third will play out on screen as the idea of selfie taking teenagers trying to one up each other with viral videos sounds to potentially be more annoying than fun. I suppose only time will tell.

What do you think about the latest installment of the ‘V/H/S’ series? Are you excited to see a bunch of possibly annoying teens get what is coming to them or are you already annoyed with where they are taking the third set of films? Share your thoughts below! (…And get off my lawn you annoying selfie taking teens!)

Source: Screen Rant