Usually when you picture Spider-Man and, more specifically his costume, you picture something basically the same as this image, rendered by the legendary John Romita Sr.  Originally designed by Steve Ditko, Spidey’s uniform is one of the most unique in all of comics.  For one thing, his face is completely concealed, cutting out any chances of using facial expression to emote and featuring those unusual tear-drop eyelets.  The red and blue color scheme is traditional, but the red design, the V shaped belt, the cut-outs on the sides and the stripes down the arms connecting to his gloves is completely unique (although has since been imitated countless times).  But the real kicker are those intricate web designs covering the red portions of the suit.  Most artists would balk at designing such minute detailing panel after panel, but Spidey has attracted many of the biggest names in comics, all clamoring to illustrate one of the most iconic characters in comics.

But as long-time fans know, this may be Spidey’s most famous costume, but it’s not his only costume.  Over the years, he’s adopted various costumes and no matter how short-lived, they seem to have taken on a life of their own, attracting various fans.  Below is an infographic that presents all of the wall-crawler’s various masks:

Like I said, most of these costumes have their fans.  I’m pretty sure all of the versions before 2000 were part of the Toy Biz toy line.  And I must point out that like most long-running heroes, even his basic costume has evolved and changed based on who was drawing him.

Can you think of anything that was omitted?  Do you have a favorite?  Comment below!

Source: Geek Tyrant