Amy Adams may have had experience working with aliens before in ‘Man of Steel‘ but it doesn’t look like she is going to slow down when it comes to extraterrestrials. Adams is in talks to star in the upcoming science fiction film ‘Story of Your Life’.

The film is going to be directed by Denis Villeneuve (‘Prisoners’ ,’Incendies’) and is based off of the Hugo and Nebula award winning short story titled ‘Life’ by Ted Chiang. The screenplay was tackled by Eric Heisserer (‘The Thing‘, ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’) whose work has tended to fall more solidly in the horror category than science fiction.

The story itself revolves around a linguist expert named Dr. Louise Banks who the government recruits for a mission that happens after a world altering event. What is so large that they would need a linguist for? Well, when alien spaceships have touched down on your planet you are probably looking for a way to communicate with them and the government is doing just that.

Much of the plot will revolve around learning the aliens two forms of communication, a spoken form which ends up to be much like our own and a written form which will end up completely different and give a world changing outlook on time itself. With a lot of the main details being more along the intellectual level, I strongly suspect that unlike the mainstream fair that she was in with ‘Man of Steel,’ that this might be a slightly lower budget and more of a limited release.

What do you think about Adams’ new alien feature? Are you interested in the plot or need to know more? If you’ve read the novella do you think it would translate well to the big screen? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend