Syfy is closing its doors on ‘Being Human‘ on April 7th and while it may have come as a shock to fans, Sam Witwer, the actor playing everyone’s favorite vampire Aiden, wants to make sure that we know the show isn’t just being put to bed without any conclusion. In an interview with Huffington Post, he not only assures fans of a satisfying series finale but sums up the fourth and final season as being “the best one.”

So how will the series end? Without mentioning any spoilers, Witwer stated that throughout the entire run of the show, ‘Being Human’ has allowed the roomies to have story arcs and as the show heads toward the finale, these arcs are finally coming to fuition.

“This season we’ve made it absolutely explicit how much these characters have changed in a way you can almost visually compare and contrast.” I feel like [Aidan’s] story has been told. I just saw a cut of Episode 13, our finale, and I was happy with it because there’s a scene where — it’s probably the high note of the character — and I’m like good, I’m glad we saved this for last.”

Witwer did tease about what to expect in the remaining episodes:

“Episodes eight and nine are going to be a real trip for the audience; they were a real trip for us. In eight, Meaghan Rath takes center stage in a spectacular way. She is so wildly entertaining in this episode, and in nine, another character takes center stage – one we maybe haven’t seen in a while.”

‘Being Human’ also allowed Witwer to go beyond his acting chops as he revealed he was able to take “full rein” on a  fight choreography scene that will be seen in Episode 10:

“There is a lot of characters in it and it’s a big moment for the series; the first half of the scene is very ‘Fight Club’and ugly and terrible, but the influence for the second half of the fight was pure ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ — you could actually score the scene with John Williams’ music.”

As for the actual final episode, Witwer says it’s about “does this guy deserve any kind of redemption or does he just go straight to hell? That’s really what the last episode is,” reveals the actor, “and I love that they wrote that. This season we really swing for the fences, and by the end of it we wreck the car,” Witwer joked, before adding, “but the high notes have never been so high. The stuff happening on the show is so emotionally charged by the end of the season.”

Syfy knows that when they end a show they have to give it a proper ending for its fan base. With this in mind, Witwer, Sam Huntington and Meaghan Rath filmed this farewell as a thank you to all the fans. Check out the video below:

What do you think of ‘Being Human’ being cancelled? Was it too soon for the show about this trio or are you happy they at least feel that they were able to send the show off properly?