SyFy just made an exciting choice as they’ve picked up ‘Metal Hurlant Chronicles’. The series is already two seasons in and is based on the ‘Heavey Metal‘ comic from the 70’s which has a very adult flair with bizarre to fantastic story lines.

The series itself consists of two six-episode seasons with each episode clocking in at 30-minutes. It will be enough to catch all of our appetitites but not long enough to really get things going quite yet. The show is an English-language French production and stars a few faces you’ll probably recognize including Rutger Hauer (‘Blade Runner’, ‘Batman Begins’), Joe Flanigan (‘Stargate: Atlantis’, ‘6 Bullets’), James Marsters (‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, ‘Warehouse 13′), Michael Jai White (‘The Dark Knight’, ‘Arrow’), Scott Adkins (‘The Bourne Ultimatum’ ,’The Legend of Hercules’), David Belle (‘Babylon A.D.’, ‘District B13’), Matt Mullins (‘Mortal Kombat: Legacy’, ‘Kamen Rider’), Michael Biehn (‘The Terminator‘, ‘Aliens’), John Rhys-Davies (‘The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring’, ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’), and Jimmy Jean-Louis (‘Heroes’, ‘Tears of the Sun’). Talk about one hell of a cast that I can’t wait to actually see working together!

The comics were initially released in the 1970s with an animated film released in 1981 and is still fondly appreciated with an underground cult status of awesome. Well, that’s how I would describe it at least.

Sadly, we’re going to have to wait until April to see if the series does the original series justice but if the following trailer says anything about it, I think we’re going to be in for a treat.


The upcoming live action sci-fi television series Métal Hurlant Chronicles (WE Productions / Humanoids / Sony Pictures TV), aka HEAVY METAL, adapted from the French graphic novels by legendary comic book artist Jean ‘Moebius’ Giraud. Directed by Guillaume Lubrano and starring Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner, Sin City, Batman Begins), Joe Flanigan (Stargate Atlantis, Fringe, Warehouse 13, CSI: Miami), Scott Adkins (The Expendables 2, The Bourne Supremacy, X-Men: Origins), Michael Jai White (Spawn, The Dark Knight), Kelly Brook (Piranha 3D, The Italian Job, Smallville), David Belle (Prince of Persia, Bablyon A.D.), James Marsters (Buffy, Angel, Smallville, Torchwood, Hawaii Five O), Darren Shahlavi (300, Mortal Kombat Legacy, Arrow).

So Heavey ‘Metal Fans’, what do you think of the trailer? Are you excited for the series or is your complaint the same as mine, it’s too little and we’re going to need longer and more seasons stat? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Blastr